Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) found a place in corporate lexicon, it was already textured into MODISON’s value systems. As early as 1975, we simply stated that the wealth that one generates and holds part of it should go back to the society. With regard to CSR, this means investing part of our profits beyond business, for the society at large.

MODISON has always been conscious with a wide range of activities with relevance to society at large. As a member of society, MODISON takes its social responsibilities seriously. We provide cleverly engineered systems and services, as well as responsible practices.

MODISON contributes to social progress and an increase in living standards. MODISON is active in the arenas that are relevant in shaping social conditions.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our projects are carried out under the aegis of "Modison Charitable Trust", led by Mr. G. L. Modi. The Centre provides the strategic direction, and the thrust areas for our work ensuring performance management as well. Our focus is on the all-round development of the communities around our plants & home town.

Our partners in creating a better life are service organizations, government bodies, district authorities, village panchayats. and the end beneficiaries -
the villagers. At the same time, we network and collaborate with like-minded people to share ideas, draw from each other's experiences, and ensure that efforts are not duplicated.

Project Identification Mechanism

Project Identification Mechanism

All projects are planned in consultation with the community, literally sitting with them, and gauging their basic needs. Subsequently, based on a consensus and in discussion with the people we prioritise requirements. And thus, a project is born. Implementation is the responsibility of the community and our team. Monitoring entails physical verification of the progress and the actual output of the project.

Meeting with the people at the are held periodically to get a feedback on the benefits of our projects. We try and ensure that while in the short term we have to do enormous hand-holding, the projects become sustainable by the beneficiaries over the long haul. Once this stage is reached, we withdraw. In this way we do not build a culture of dependence, instead we make the villagers self-reliant.

Our Focus Areas

  • Education

    • Sponsor education
    • Scholarships for girls and boys
    • Digital literacy / computer education
  • Healthcare and Family Welfare

    • Maternity hospital
    • Mobile clinics
    • Mid-day meal projects
    • Pediatric heart surgeries
    • Safe drinking water, sanitation — RO plant & School toilets
    • Treatment of Cancer & TB patients
    • Blood donation
  • Social Causes

    • Social security (insurance)
    • Culture and sports
  • Sustainable Livelihood

    • Integrated livestock development
    • Watershed management
  • Infrastructure Development

    • Schools in villages

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